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Win10 UWP

The main function

The purpose of this program development

At the beginning, there was only a web version to restrain yourself. Every time there was a time statistic, it was reasonable to arrange work and rest time.

Current features

Task add

Task timing

Task record review

Other additional features

Scan code to log in to the web (this is the function I always wanted to achieve, every time logging in is too much trouble)

(No sign-in reward currently)

Modify personal information

View blog post

Next version features

Task contains subtasks

Task record chart statistics

Join personal financial management

Specific use

  1. Open the application store Microsoft Store
  2. Search for Recollected My Timer
  3. Enter the details, click Get
  4. Click Install
  5. Open the app
  6. Click My on the left
  7. Click on the avatar to enter the login interface
  8. Click to register an account (Note: The mailbox can be filled in at random when registering, but you need to send an email to retrieve the password and change the mailbox)
  9. Back to homepage
  10. Click the bottom button + to enter the task list
  11. Click the bottom button + to enter the add task
  12. Add

Task name

Mission statement

Time for each task: 0 means unlimited time, it will not stop automatically, other values ​​means how many minutes each time it will be executed, it will stop automatically

  1. Click in the upper right corner to save
  2. Go back to the task list page
  3. Click the bottom 🖊 edit button
  4. Choose a few tasks
  5. Click on the bottom + Add to today's task, the selected task will be added to today's task, you can click continuously to add multiple tasks
  6. Click the Cancel button at the bottom to exit edit mode
  7. "End Task" at the bottom can end the selected task, indicating that the task has been completed and no longer needs to be executed
  8. Back to home page
  9. Click a task to enter the task execution page
  10. Click the Start button at the bottom to start the task
  11. . . .
  12. Wait until the lap is completed, indicating that this round of tasks is completed once, you can stop and rest for 3-5 minutes
  13. During execution, you can click Pause, which means there is something else disturbing, you need to pause for a while, after processing, clickStart to continue the task
  14. During execution, you can click Stop to indicate that you must deal with other things. This time the task execution is invalid and needs to be re-executed, which will not reduce today ’s tasks
  15. On the left timebook, you can view the records executed every day

Talk about the development process

Originally, the first version was the WeChat applet version. At that time, the review was directly hit back, as if individuals could not publish the applet containing the user's system.

So from this, my program will become an app and will not be available in the domestic application market, so I can only suspend the development of the app by flutter

UWP was registered as a developer a few years ago, but no app was released at that time, and I am familiar with c # in my spare time, so I took this program as an experimental version.

The UWP version has ideas to be compatible with the obsolete Win10 Mobile, because there are still a few lumia phones on hand

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